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Optimum Invest offers you job opportunities!

If you have experience in stock market trading, Optimum Invest offers you an incredible chance! You have the opportunity to sign a collaboration agreement and to start working with one of the most important investors from Europe. To those who don’t have trading experience, we advice to follow the Investment and Trading courses of Profit Point. So after some testing and eliminatory practice simulations, the signing of agreement shall be carried on!

Optimum Invest hires the best trainees of Profit Point!

The best developed course that explains the basics and details of trader profession!

This is a very advanced and extremely comprehensive course that can replace a faculty.

Discover the stock market in the light of our best trainers and take advantages of their experience as traders, in order to acquire professional skills about stock market investments.

During three weeks of courses we’ll make you discover all things that only professional traders know about trading on Foreign Exchange Market.


Here is the detailed program of our courses

The unknown truth about price
What are prices for and how do they form?

  • Useful: how do others make profit when prices fall? (practice exercises)
  • The secret’s reveal: detailed explanation about how reach people earn a lot of money in crisis time. (practice exercises)
  • Advanced Analysis explained in details and used by most profitable traders. (practice exercises)
  • Analysis of political factors explained in details, with examples about global past events.
  • Analysis of economic factors and macroeconomic mechanisms about the main world currency, the macroeconomics of states and organizations (EU, USA, investment funds, large corporations).

Who choose to trade on stock market from a computer monitor? 
(practice exercises)

  • How shall I watch news in order to interpret hidden messages from media?
  • Shall I sell because of rumors? What are the expectations? (practice exercises)
    • Complete analysis of charts: (technical abilities)
      The price includes everything. (practice exercises)
    • Movement falls in trend. (practice exercises)
    • History repeats itself. (practice exercises)
  • What means the psychological limits of traded prices via stock market, support and resistance techniques. (practice exercises)
  • All advantages and downsides of trader profession.

Foreign Exchange Market – the working place of forex traders. 
No secrets.

  • Setting pending orders. The advantage of pending orders in the future. (advanced strategy; practice exercises)
  • Technical Indicators explained. (practice exercises)
  • Bonus tips and tricks: patterns and hidden formations in charts. (practice exercises)
  • Strategic advanced trading. (practice exercises)
  • Fast scalping trading. (practice exercises)
  • Participation Diploma recognized at European level. (EU)

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“How to trade on stock market”

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Risk Warning: Margin trading on Forex and CFD on OTC market involves a high risk level and may not be appropriate to all investors. You may lose all you initial investments so we advise you not to risk more than you are willing to lose. The most important for you is to completely understand all risks and to take into account your experience level and financial situation. Profit Point offers you all information and necesary protection meassures. In case if the risk concept is unclear to you, we advise you to ask an individual consulting.

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